Do #1ThingDaily Sept Challenge

by Glenneth on August 29, 2014

TGIF! Happy Friday! Happy start to a 3 day weekend for some of us! My plans for today include a visit to my eye doctor to get fitted for glasses (WOOHOO!!!), a makeover at Sephora, and dinner with hubby and friends. A great way to start the weekend.

August is ending rapidly and a new month starts Monday. I always see tons of different fitness challenges for each month. I have tried some and succeeded and tried others and failed. I decided to create one for everyone to succeed at – especially those beginning a fitness routine or maybe getting back into fitness after an injury.

This challenge is all about doing one thing daily (#1ThingDaily). There is one exercise a day for 5 days and then it repeats. You will notice there are no numbers assigned to each exercise. It is about doing what YOU can and then working to beat yourself.

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So, an example – squats on Monday. Maybe you get up and do a few while getting ready. Maybe a few more before lunch. More before dinner. More before bed. Total those up. The next time squats come around – try to beat YOUR number. If you are not sure where to start – start with 5-10 of the exercise at a time.

When you start the challenge on Monday, think of a reward you can give yourself for completing the challenge. Maybe a pedicure, a new workout outfit, a gift card to the iTunes store, anything that YOU want.

Throughout the month I will be checking in with you to see how you are doing. I will provide some motivation and variations of the exercises listed.

Share what you are doing on social media with the hashtag #1ThingDaily!

Will you join me in the September #1ThingDaily challenge?

Have a healthy day!



Making Changes & The #3

by Glenneth on August 28, 2014

Hello and Happy Thursday! I cannot tell you how ready I am for the upcoming three-day weekend. I have definitely been rushing this week along. Speaking of threes, I have something special in store for you on Friday so I won’t be doing my normal Fabulous Friday five. So, I am sharing some things in 3s today!

Three Motivational Tweets

Three Must Read Blog Posts

How to Make Vegetables Taste Delicious by Julie – I am not a vegetable fan. I like about 5-10 veggies and only raw. Julie shows some ways to help get in more veggies. Two of the ones I use are making things into fries and dumping them in my smoothie. I use a lot of spinach in my smoothie each morning (think salad bowl quantity). While it makes the smoothie not the most appetizing color, you really can’t taste it.

Building Muscle for Women: A Fierce Def FAQ by Suzanne – Suzanne is fabulous – I am currently following her Lean and Strong program. In this post she talks about her upcoming Fierce Def program that starts next week. If you are looking to advance in weight lifting, I highly recommend you check out her post and her programs.

“Feeling Easily Bored” Gym Cardio + Strength Workout by Caitlin – Caitlin offers up a fun, pop playlist (I would personally add Taylor Swift’s new song to it) and a workout that will keep you from getting bored. Sometimes I jump from cardio machine to cardio machine every 10 minutes to keep from getting bored.

Three Changes I Am Making

#1 – I have started doing mini-workouts in the morning. I am getting up 30 minutes earlier and doing 1 or 2 videos from FitnessGlo. I am not doing any intense since it makes me ill. I am mainly doing stretching, Yoga Fusion, and arm workouts. This has been a great start to each day and truly gives me more energy (without making me sick).

#2 – I have been packing my lunch two days a week for a couple of weeks now. This saves me both money and calories. That also leaves me two days a week to go out to lunch (Fridays are always at home days). I did salads one week and turkey wraps this week.

#3 – Yesterday, I went even further and went to the GYM during lunch. I only had time for 20 minutes of HIIT cardio, but it was something. And it felt great and gave me quite a bit of energy for the afternoon. I hope to continue this once I return from the beach.

Finally, a thought for today:


What changes have you made yesterday? Share 3 fun things with me!

Have a healthy day!



Randomness Questionnaire

August 26, 2014

Hello! Happy Tuesday! Yesterday was a busy, but productive, day. I got a lot done including a 15 minute Yoga Fusion video and 30 minutes on the elliptical. Today is another busy work day, lunch with my Mom, and dinner with my women’s networking group. I saw this randomness questionnaire over on Stephanie’s blog a […]

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My FlipBelt Review #SweatPink

August 25, 2014

Disclosure: I had the opportunity to review the FlipBelt through Fit Approach. While I received the FlipBelt for free, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Here is my FlipBelt! I am sure that you are shocked that I chose PINK! Don’t worry if pink is not your color.  They have ten colors to choose from! […]

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