Heather Wajer – A True Inspiration

by Glenneth on June 26, 2012

Good morning! Yesterday I shared some Monday, not SOMEDAY, Motivation. Today I am sharing a true motivational story.

This is the inspirational story of Heather Wajer, a triathlete from Northern California. In 2007 Heather found herself over 315 pounds after losing her mom to ALS and using food to cope. Heather started making small changes that led to big changes. She completely transformed her life by losing over half her body weight (157 lbs), giving up bad habits, and becoming an Ironman.

Now Heather has a new dream, to compete in the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. She’s a finalist in the Kona Inspired contest. The Ironman folks are giving away a handful of slots to inspirational athletes who embody the mantra “Anything is Possible”. Watch the video below (click on the picture to be taken to the video) to see how Heather transformed her body and her life. Then give her your vote and share her story on your Facebook, Twitter or wherever you are online so she can get to Kona. You can vote once a day through July 3, 2012.

More of Heather’s story:

In 2009, mom Heather Wajer found herself over 300 pounds, on the brink of serious illness, and in an unhappy marriage. A year later she had shed half her body weight, divorced her husband, and successfully completed an Ironman.

Sounds like something you might see in a movie but her co-workers witnessed this transformation firsthand. Heather was leading BabyCenter’s marketing team at the time and they watched her get healthy right before their eyes.

How did she do it? It wasn’t surgery or a team of weight loss experts. Amazingly, Heather did it on her own. She’d wake up at 4 in the morning to run on a treadmill in her garage before her son woke up for school. She quit smoking and changed her eating habits. Her determination was incredible and they all cheered her on.

Heather did have one secret weapon: her son Griffin. He was her true and lasting motivation. Having lost her own mom at a young age, Heather knew she needed to get healthy to raise her son. Griffin kept her going when things got tough.

Please help Heather with her new dream. She wants to compete in the Ironman event in Kona, Hawaii. She’s a finalist in a competition to win a spot at the race but she needs our help to get there. Watch the video above to see how Heather transformed her body and her life (grab a tissue first) and then give her your vote. Please share her story on your Facebook, Twitter or wherever you are online. It’s a vote for mothers everywhere who work hard and make sacrifices for their kids. It’s a vote for reaching for your dreams.

You can find Heather on Twitter at @HeatherWajer or on her blog.

Please help me support Heather. Watch the video and click the VOTE FOR THIS button on the left hand side under the video. Make a note and go back daily to vote for her. It is super easy and just takes a minute.

I thank you for your support and I am sure that Heather does also.

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