How to Get Out of my Comfort Zone?

by Glenneth on June 12, 2012

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! Did everyone have a great Monday? I had a great day yesterday. Workout, work, dinner with family. Today is more work and dinner with my friend A. My friend A is hostessing my first 31 party this Thursday and we are getting together to talk about it! I had a dream last night that I had to throw an impromptu party with no supplies. Weird.

So, yesterday I posed the question, how do you get out of your comfort zone? I found some articles to read and thought I would share them with you.

Toto…we’re not in my comfort zone anymore

Get out of your fitness comfort zone! Try the ‘Accumulator’ today

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

11 Things To Move You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

5 Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

Here are some pins I found on Pinterest about your comfort zone!

Source: Uploaded by user via Pat on Pinterest

Now, the question is “How Do I Get Out of My Comfort Zone?” This is certainly something I am going to think about this week. Any suggestions?

Look who came to visit us last night! Baby Bunny! We watched him eat for a good ten minutes. We think baby bunny and his family are living on our hill. Love it!

What do you do to get out of your comfort zone?

Have a great Tuesday!

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