Monday Means Motivation!

by Glenneth on June 18, 2012

Cove Lake

Monday, Monday. Here we go again! Are you ready? In case you have missed the last few posts, here they are:

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This weekend in general was spent mostly at home resting and relaxing. Hubby was actually home with me all weekend, so we had lots of together time – which was wonderful. A few “fun” tasks like opening mail from the week and balancing my banking did get completed. My 31 order from Thursday’s party got entered and submitted to the home office. Things that did not get done this weekend? Cleaning the house, mowing the yard, and grocery shopping. Oh, well. No biggie.

I was very disappointed that Planet Fitness Knoxville did not open yesterday. After being told twice last week that they were opening on Sunday, I called in the morning just to make sure before I headed over there. Sure enough, they aren’t open yet. Now they are saying another week. Ugh. Frustrating. I am very curious about this “red light therapy” that they offer. Here is the information I received from corporate:

A new piece of equipment at this location and some of our other locations is the Beauty Angel/red light therapy booth. This brand new technology uses all-natural red and infrared light, which penetrates and absorbs deep into the tissue, activating the production of endorphins, blocking pain-transmitting chemicals and stimulating cellular regeneration. Red light therapy can be used to help improve the skin’s tone and texture, while also decreasing wrinkles and firming your skin to help reverse and control the visible signs of aging. Red light therapy can also effectively treat minor muscle and joint aches.

The light is safe for eyes, however we recommend you wear eye protection, as the lights are bright in nature. The recommended usage schedule is 12 minutes per session, 3 times a week on non-consecutive days and we highly recommend using the Beauty Angel products to get the most out of your sessions, which will be available for purchase at locations with the Beauty Angel/red light therapy booths. A brochure with further information will be available at all locations with the Beauty Angel/red light therapy booths. The red light therapy is an exclusive benefit of our black card membership.

Anyone belong to Planet Fitness and/or tried a red light booth? Very curious.

Now, you know what Monday means…MOTIVATION! Here we go!

Sometimes, this is what you have to say…

I LOVE this one! I will say that while I don’t mind sweating during and after a great workout, I don’t like sweating when all you do is walk out the front door into an oven. Knoxville is getting ready to have temps in the high 90s and I dread it! You would think that living here all my life I would be used to this. Apparently not.

Source: via Glenneth on Pinterest

No more eating crap. Why would you want to feel like crap?

Just do it! Stop stalling and get out the door or in the gym!

Source: via Glenneth on Pinterest

Are you excited? I am.

Final motivation comes from Heather over at Then Heather Said: “Make One Healthy Decision. Now Make Another.” Let’s adopt this motto.

My first healthy decision today: Drinking water while getting ready/typing this. What’s your first healthy decision today?

Happy Monday! Make today AWESOME!

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