Nature Walk & Sunflower Field Photos

July 15, 2014

Hello and Happy Tuesday! A quick update on my foot – I saw the foot specialist yesterday. We are going to continue with my current treatment – pads in shoes, topical treatment on foot, no barefoot classes and add in physical therapy starting next week. She wanted to give me a steroid shot, but with […]

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Workouts + #BHLChallenge Week 3

July 14, 2014

Good morning and Happy Monday! Lots to talk about today, so let’s get started. But first a sneak peek from my photos I will be sharing tomorrow: Last Week’s Workouts Pretty good week – started off super strong on Monday! I am loving my strength workouts. I am using machines at the gym I haven’t […]

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Fun Family Fitness Ideas

July 13, 2014

6 Fun Family Ideas for Escaping to the Great Outdoors As the thrill of summer vacation wanes, the kids become restless and boredom sets in. Plan a camping getaway as an exciting end-of-the-summer hurrah and escape to the wilderness. Here’s inspiration for an unforgettable family summer retreat with nature. Foil Dinners Despite being called “work,” […]

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Friday’s Fabulous Five . . .

July 11, 2014

Good morning and TGIF! Pretty sure this week just flew by. I am certainly ready for the weekend though. Lots and lots to do. Next weekend I am pretty sure I will be down for the count (cornea surgery on Thursday), so I need to pay extra special attention to the house and my to-do […]

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