Planet Fitness Knoxville is OPEN!

by Glenneth on June 23, 2012

Planet Fitness Knoxville officially opened yesterday afternoon! I dropped by after work (around 2:30ish) for a quick workout and maybe 10 or so people were already using the facilities. They had TONS of staff available along with workers finishing the gym.

They still have a few things left to do – specifically in the locker rooms. I walked into the ladies room to change clothes and it was filled with men. LOL. Luckily all of the stalls and showers are individually rooms with locks, so I changed clothes no problem.

Giant yellow trash cans are scattered throughout the club. The ones in the equipment have spray and paper towels on them so you can wipe down your machine. I am telling you, you must like purple and yellow to belong to this gym. It is almost overwhelming. Luckily purple is one of my favorite colors.

They have tons of machines and free weights. I noticed about two of everything. This is a glute machine. It was a little awkward at first, but loved it. I didn’t do a specific workout, but tried as many machines as possible just to see how they worked.

These are called Arc Trainers. I had never been on one. OMG! It is a cross between an elliptical and a stair stepper. Or as I told my hubby last night, an elliptical on steroids. Five minutes on this and I was sweating. This may be my new favorite cardio machine. They have a row of TVs that you can listen to through your headphones. Some of the machines even have chargers for your iPhone/iPod.

They have cardio machines galore. Treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, arc trainers. Maybe 70 or more machines. They have no time limits on the machines.

For black card members, you have access to their tanning, red light therapy, and massage chairs. I tried the tanning yesterday. They are stand up booths (a first for me). Just stayed in 5 minutes so I could see what it was like. The red light therapy wasn’t working yet.

I am in no way affiliated with Planet Fitness, I was just excited they were coming to town so close to me. I am a paying member and I am not being compensated for these posts. I am actually slightly worried about them because of some of the comments I have read on Facebook. However, Knoxville is a different town with different customers and staff, so we will see how things go. The staff seemed quite friendly yesterday. They are still learning the ropes, which is certainly understandable on day one. There were maybe 20 or so people using the gym when I left, so obviously I wasn’t the only one ready for them to open.

So far, so good Planet Fitness. See you soon!

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1 Abby @ BackAtSquareZero June 23, 2012 at 1:06 pm

Wow. That is one neon colored gym!


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