Planks, Pushups, & Squats!

by Glenneth on June 24, 2012

I cannot believe July is right around the corner. I will be at the beach before I know it! 24 days according to my handy dandy iPhone app. WOOHOO!!!

Often at the beginning of the month, I look for a new fitness challenge. For July, I found Tara Burner’s Plank, PushUp & Squat Challenge. I love the rules of this challenge:

You’ll pick one… plank, push ups or squats each day.
You’ll do as many as you can at one time without stopping (plank pose-hold position as long as you can).
Each following time that you do the same exercise you will work at increasing the amount (or time).
Challenge is to make improvements in all three exercises over the month and to do them a minimum of 5 days a week.

You work at your level, not some prescribed level. The goal is IMPROVEMENT. Sounds like fun huh? To sign up, head on over to Tara’s blog (link above) and just leave a comment. You can follow along on Twitter using the hashtag #plankpushupsquat. You can follow Tara on Twitter at @TaraBurner.

Looking for some plank variations? Check out Tina’s blog – she lists 22 plank variations:

Source: via Minerva on Pinterest

Here is a link to The Ultimate Squat Guide: 35+ Squat Exercises:

Here is a link to 4 different kinds of pushups:

Ready to join me? I will say that I love squats, I am starting to enjoy planks, and I detest pushups. This will certainly be a challenge for me!

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