Power Flow Yoga Rocked!

by Glenneth on November 5, 2011

My fabulous friend and true yogini Laura Bower (follow her on Twitter @LauraBower) has started teaching Power Flow Yoga at the Aravinda Yoga and Healing Arts Center. Today at 8:30 was the first class and since I didn’t have a 5K this morning, I decided to check it out. Please note that all comments below are my own and I am not being paid to write any of this.

In usual fashion, I was the first one there. So I took a few minutes to snap some photos.

Aravinda Yoga and Healing Arts Center

Aravinda Yoga and Healing Arts Center

Looks like you are walking into home

Looks like you are walking into home

One side of the yoga classroom

One side of the yoga classroom

Other side of the yoga classroom

Other side of the yoga classroom

The center is a converted house and is absolutely beautiful. Be sure and check their website (link above) for all of their classes, massage schedule, etc. You can even sign up for private yoga classes.

Okay, back to POWER FLOW YOGA. I was extremely nervous about this class because of the word POWER. I have taken many yoga classes over the year, but still consider myself a beginner. Combine that and my lack of balance and flexibility….Well, you understand. I was nervous, but I will give most anything a try.

Don’t let the words POWER FLOW scare you. This was the ideal yoga class. Laura started the class out seated, introduced herself, and told everyone that we would be doing all kinds of positions/poses. She said she would show us how to modify them to make them easier and harder. I like instructors to say this since everyone’s bodies are different and we all have different skill levels. The ladies (plus one man) in this class had a range of experience and were all at different levels, but I think everyone had a great workout. You get out what you put in.

We immediately got into doing poses. The power flow part comes from repeating plank, another pose (cannot remember the name), up dog, then down dog between series of other poses. This is not the kind of class where you hold every position 5 minutes or so. You are almost always in continuous movement. Trust me when I say this is a workout.

The music Laura picked ROCKED. We listened to Jessie’s Girl and O What a Night along with songs from Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Buffet. Her playlist is full of songs you will know and love. I would LOVE to have her playlist. (Hint, Hint!)

There were 8 students and Laura in the classroom. In my opinion, this was probably a full class. Any more people and we might have smacked each other trying to do some poses.

The only two negatives were (1) the room seemed a little hot (although we did open a window) and (2) we were so into the class and different movements that we ran out of time and didn’t get to do corpse pose (not sure if that is its official name – by its what I call it). The room temperature definitely could have been just me as I am almost always hot.

Overall, will I take this class again – YES! I am already looking at my calendar to figure out when I don’t have 5Ks on Saturday mornings so I can sign up.

If you have ever taken a yoga class before and loved it – you should take this class. The cost is $15 for a 1 class drop-in, but you can also buy packages. The price definitely seems reasonable for what you get – trained instructor, beautiful location, 75 MINUTES of movement. Try this class!

Lastly, there was this sign in the yoga classroom:

LOVE this sign!

LOVE this sign!

How great! I actually found myself looking at it during the class. Very important for all us to remember.

Namaste y’all! Have a great Saturday!

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1 Laura Bower November 5, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Glenneth, thanks for coming and being such a great yogini! You did every asana with enthusiasm and positive energy, and that’s really what yoga is all about — being in the moment, fully focused and doing the work. Glad you liked the playlist. I promise there will always be good tunes in class. Already looking forward to next week. XXOOO


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