Sweat Pink Saturday!

by Glenneth on September 22, 2012

Hello and Happy Saturday! I was up at 6:40AM this morning and immediately started pricing items for the Duck Duck Goose consignment sale. Since Wednesday was not a huge success, I am trying something different during my time today. I have many old (and some new) items that I am not using (have never used). They are all priced and ready to sale. Cash and Carry! I probably have 20-30 items. Fingers crossed!!!

Have you ever heard of the book Eat Right For Your Type? Its foundation is that your blood type determines what you should eat. I bought a blood typing kit and tested myself at home this morning. If I performed it correctly (and I follow directions pretty well), I am O negative.

I bought the book Blood Type O Food, Beverage and Supplemental Lists this morning to start reading what foods are beneficial, what foods are neutral, and what foods I should avoid based on my blood type. Yikes. I sense HUGE changes to my eating habits coming. Thankfully even the authors say not to try to change everything at once. It does explain why I feel better when I have red meat. I will keep you posted on the progress. Have you ever tried eating for your blood type? Please share your thoughts.

I mentioned in this post that I had been selected as a Sweat Pink Ambassador through FitApproach. Check out what came in the mail yesterday:

My very own Sweat Pink tank top and some PINK shoelaces. Can’t wait to lace up my shoes with these. I even plan to turn one set into a bracelet using some DIY knowledge from Pinterest (once I can find the pin again). The card that came with my goodies says: “Kick Ass is best done in pretty shoes.” LOVE IT! It even has a handwritten note from the founders Alyse and Jamie!

Want to know more about Sweat Pink?

FitApproach website
FitApproach on Facebook
FitApproach on Twitter
FitApproach on Pinterest

Very excited to be a part of this fun group of ladies! Sweating should be fun!

In other pink news, check out my new shirt:

One of my favorite local restaurants, Calhouns, is a sponsor of the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk here in Knoxville. Since I am not going to be able to participate in the walk due to other already scheduled walks/races, I wanted to support the cause and bought this fun, pink t-shirt!

What’s your favorite color? Anything exciting happening this week?

Enjoy your day!

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